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Il Monte del Bianco philosophy

For us, breeding Lagotto Romagnolo dogs means to share our time and truffle hunting with our fine furry four-legged companions and dedicating to them all of our spare time.

Our choice to raise the specific breed derived from our desire to get involved with the search of wild truffles and the perfect companion for this could not be other but the loyal and gracious Lagotto Romagnolo. To work and live with them is a never-ending pleasure.

We choose to have a low number of litter, well-studied and pre-planned, with parents that we consider sufficient representatives of the breed, capable to contribute to the birth of an elite Lagotto, both from morphological aspects and in terms of diligence, thus preserving the standards of this wonderful hard-working dog breed.

For us, the morphological characteristics and their working skills are inseparable. A good Lagotto is born for the task that it is destined to do; that is why we prefer dogs with a wide chest and broad nasal passages with a bulky muzzle edge, strong limbs, joyous and proud character. All of our dogs work methodically and uninterrupted. In order to demonstrate that our dogs fulfill the characteristics of their breed standards, we participate in morphology shows and working contests when possible.

All of our dogs are DNA tested for basic hereditary pathologies of breed because it is important for us to breed only healthy dogs. If they are not healthy, they are not able to work and give their best self.

Our goal is to breed Lagotto puppies with top characteristics that meet the highest standards of the breed. Βreeding for us is an fully integrated process which is driven by our passion and love for the breed. 

We are selective of whom we give our puppies to. We are looking for people who know how to appreciate their value and raise them with respect, so as to have the best partner by their side or simply an excellent companion for their family.