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Cheerful and perky, the "King of the forest", showing off the best of him, searching the terrain with precision, restless and persistant, with a joyous and rhythmic wagging of his tail which gets more pronounced when he approaches the target.

Lagotto stand out for their diligence, their cautious and precise detecting method which integrate with the close relationship that they develop with their master. They are very loyal, focused when working and always remain within the visual field of their master.

The above characteristics make them unique in their task thus they are rightfully considered as “the truffle master”.

When they are not in the woods, they are easily manageable, happy dogs, with a lively temperament. They absolutely love water, after all, they are water dogs. Generally they cause no problems with strangers; they might be a bit skeptical and hesitant at the very most but without becoming aggressive. They are excellent to alert you in case of an invader in your house, but they are not guard-dogs in the strict sense.

They peacefully live together with other dogs and other animals in general, they are tender and attentive with children; they regard them as friends in games and will treat them with caution as if they were puppies. They are not hyperactive dogs but they have the need to feel useful and offer to their master to whom they give a typical look, full of question, looking him in the eye and asking: "and now what do we do?". They know very well, however, to enjoy moments of relaxation while waiting for the next opportunity to play and work.

They are always willing to follow their master in any adventure or new activity and they will show all their tenderness in everyday life and sometimes with exaggerating continuous calls for physical contact. They have a gentle but proud character hence they resent being treated with infliction and if one abuses or degrades them they will isolate themselves and it will be hard to regain their trust. They prefer a healthy relationship especially in everyday life and they obviously need a proper basic education which will come take place without much difficulty.